The Sark Chamber of Commerce represents and supports local businesses, charities and individuals with an interest in undertaking business here on the Island of Sark. Whilst we are a small community there is a diverse range of business run from within our shores with an equally diverse range of business owners and entrepeuners.

As Sark is an independent Jurisdiction in its own right, representing business by engaging with and lobbying our Chief Pleas is an important area for the Chamber Council as is engagement with The States of Guernsey either directly or through our close ties to the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce; a relationship that allows Sark Chamber members to enjoy the same benefits as those members of Guernsey Chamber of Commerce.

Council meets on a monthly basis in order to discuss current major issues that may have an affect on our local business community. We are committed to being as involved with and supportive of our local Government as is practically possible, in an effort to both represent the views of our local business community and to work together in order to benefit Sark's long-term economic prosperity and sustainability.